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When you choose corporate serviced apartments for your employees, you receive many benefits over hotels and other traditional accommodation models.

Save Your Company Money

Why spend unnecessary money on hotel rooms or expensive residences when we can offer you cost-effective residences with even more amenities?

All the Amenities of Home

Make your employees feel at home with clean, serviced apartments which include everything needed to store and prepare home-made meals and somewhere to put your feet up and relax, with all the homely comforts.


Our experienced booking advisors provide first class customer service by sourcing you the perfect accommodation for your exact needs, every time!

Save Time and Stress

Making travel arrangements for several employees is both time consuming and stressful. Let our team save you from both by taking all the responsibility out of your hands.

A Variety of Options

Regular business travellers have had enough of hotels or cramped rooms! Give your team a refreshing travel experience with serviced and unique apartments or houses.

Additional Privacy

Serviced apartments allow visitors to maintain their full privacy, just as if they were at home. No daily cleaning, no disruptions and no noisy neighbours to bother them.

Customised Accommodation Plans

To hotels, you are simply another guest. To us, you are a valued client. We listen to the needs of your business to create a bespoke housing plan that is sure to deliver a pleasant travel experience for your staff!

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits (and many more!), then contact us now so that we can begin building a strong relationship that will ensure a top class travel experience for your team in the future.

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