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Our dedication to client satisfaction has made us the top choice for business travelers around the world that are looking for premium short and long-term residences in the UK.

The Problem with Corporate Travel

Often times, people travelling for business are relegated to staying in cramped, ill-equipped or even dilapidated housing for the duration of their journey. This issue is becoming a real issue in the serviced accommodation industry as some booking sites allow properties to be advertised without any qualifying criteria, meaning that travellers do not know what to expect upon their arrival.

The Company Stays Solution

As previous serviced accommodation providers ourselves, we seen the difficulties that our clients were facing when simply trying to book a nice place to stay while on business travel. After receiving so many requests from our clients to source quality accommodation for them in areas we didn’t operate in, Company Stays was born! Our vision was to improve the quality, comfort and value of the accommodation that corporate clients would receive, as well as working with accommodation providers to optimise their standards.

By ensuring all our providers undergo a strict and thorough qualifying process, we guarantee that our clients will always receive best-in-class business accommodation. By pre-negotiating the best rates on our client’s behalf, you can be sure that you will pay a price within budget, while receiving a high quality residence that is perfect for your needs.

Our Mission

Company Stays strives to offer business travelers comfortable, spacious living spaces which include a high standard of amenities and service, in order to create the best travel experience possible.


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Premier Serviced & Corporate Accommodation for Business Travelers

Company Stays is the prime source for business and corporate accommodation, helping thousands of clients book top class residences for their business across the UK.

As the UK’s experts in corporate travel accommodation, Company Stays works closely with our clients to ensure that they always receive high quality accommodation which exceed their expectation.

A Wide Range of Accommodation Across the UK

To meet the needs of all of our valued clients, we are able to provide a variety of accommodation options throughout the entire country. From apartments to houses and everything in between, we are able to offer your business travellers the most suitable habitation depending on their specific needs.

Top Quality Residences at the Best Prices

We pride ourselves in using our market expertise to source business accommodation that are of the highest standard, without the high cost. Through our industry partnerships and wealth of rental experience, we are able to secure reliable, fully serviced housing at a price that all businesses can afford.

Personalised and Efficient Service

We understand the importance of creating a pleasant experience for all of our clients. That is why our friendly and knowledgeable bookings management team are always available to assess your company’s individual requirements and develop a strategy that is right for you. From last-minute accommodation for one traveller to large corporate gatherings, we work tirelessly to ensure that you always have the perfect residence in a timely manner.

Bespoke Corporate Accommodation Service

Company Stays also offers a completely customised accommodation plan for businesses that have large scale or long-term projects which require frequent travels. Through an initial assessment, we can set up high quality accommodations within a three mile radius of your office or jobsite in order to create an exceptional travel experience for your staff.

Discover how Company Stays will provide your business with the best corporate accommodation service in the UK by speaking to one of our accommodation specialists now.